White Dream


Education means acquiring knowledge and skills. In simpler words, education is the foundation of a better future. Knowledge is the key to success in personal as well as professional life.

Nelson Mandela  said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

Even after several reforms, still, 20% of the total population doesn’t have access to education. Education is a fundamental human right and is our powerful defense against poverty. An education system ensures no individual has to go to bed in hunger.

 We all have seen unprivileged people, especially children ratting down the long road, hungry, begging still they have the most beautiful smiles.

Is it their fault that they are born poor or don’t have any resources to move ahead in life? When I was a child, I saw a small kid trying to read a tear-down page from a newspaper.

Not only children, but adults can also start acquiring knowledge for a better life. Learning is not age-restricted. My mom didn’t have the privilege to have an education, had child marriage.  But she learns something new every day, tries to read books.

Our Objective

  • Education is everyone’s right. The ‘white dream’ is our way to contribute to a better tomorrow.  With the various programs, we ensure maximum people to benefit from it. We voice various concerns facing humanity. Raise awareness, provide support, and inspire people to be a change.

 We help you spread your wings because we know Your wings already exist.