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 Arts & Apprentice Programmes 

You don’t need to pursue graduation to be financially independent. Your skill can make you money.

The Apprenticeship Program provides intense, one-on-one instruction to qualifying apprentices, ensuring the continuation of the country’s rich traditional arts and cultures. The apprentice program helps to enhance their existing talents and cultural awareness of the art form.

Quick Facts

According to reports, 30% of qualified engineers are unemployed and these numbers increase in India to 80%. 30% of India’s population doesn’t have access to education.

Youths are the future of the country and these numbers are one of the biggest concerns. These gravest statics brings youth under the poverty line.

The major reason for unemployment is not having practical knowledge.

Our objective

  • We provide you with invaluable training to explore different careers and have a better outlook on the industry.
  • We strive to provide customized apprentice programs to give a real work experience with bookish knowledge.
  • We want to provide you with a better vision of the future by honing your skills to make them financially independent.
  • Our team is constantly working for a better tomorrow when no individual is unemployed or below the poverty line.