At Inspired By Dreams, we believe in bringing change by empowering Changemakers. We strive for impact and as our contribution towards a better world, we have taken this initiative where we are creating a series of Video Interviews so that we can bring the good work of changemakers, in front of a large audience. If you (or your organisation) are doing something to make this world a better place, we will be very happy to bring your story in front through a video interview.

At Inspired By Dreams Foundation, we believe in bringing change by empowering Changemakers. We strive for impact and as our contribution towards a better world, we have taken this initiative where we are creating a series of Video Interviews so that we can bring the good work of changemakers, in front of a large audience. If you (or your organisation) are doing something to make this world a better place, we will be very happy to bring your story in front through a video interview. Just fill this form provided below and we will connect with you at the earliest.

#17 – Rev. Maneswar Das, Director of Eternal Life Fellowship Society
  • Rev. Maneswar Das is the Executive Secretary and Director of Eternal Life Fellowship Society.

  • His inspiration was his own struggles in the early years of his life.

  • He did not grow in family nor cared in orphanage but grew up himself.

  • He did not go to school and college but educated himself.


#16 – Vikas Jha, Founder of Bhavishya NGO

  • Way back, Vikash Jha B.Tech(CS) and an IT Professional working with MNC was travelling back from London after an official trip where he met Kailash Satyarthi an Indian Children’s rights activist, Nobel Peace prize recipient and founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan.
  • Vikas was really moved by the thoughts and came back with the idea to teach kids in nearby Slum areas.
  • It has about 10 founder members and 25+ volunteers working for the NGO.

#15 – Er. Suresh Deshbhakt, Co-Founder of Sarva Jana Hitaya Welfare Association.

  • Sarva Jana Hitaya as an idea came into existence when a group of friends went to their villages and after seeing the conditions there they decided to come up with something which can be useful for all.
  • They basically focus on three things: Education , Health and Environment.
  • In Education, they mainly focus on education of poor children. In Health, they have collaborated with an organization known as AAROGYA. In Environment, they teach how we can protect our environment.

#14 – Vishal Sharma, Co-Founder of Stairway to Compassion

  • Vishal Sharma is the Co-Founder of Stairway to Compasion (STC).
  • STC is a crowdfunding initiative, operating under the aegis of Corporate Social and Research Analysis, an 80G and 12A certified company.
  • It was established in order to provide emergency aid and medicines to caregivers, front line workers and the underprivileged affected by COVID 19 Wave II. STC continues to operate through donor funding and is engaged in projects to provide for the masses.

#13 – Dr Anupam Kamal, General Secretary of Ishwar NGO

  • Dr Anupam Kamal is the General Secretary of “Ishwar NGO”.
  • Almost two decades ago, a group of like-minded people joined hands and made a commitment to improve the lives of children belonging to the economically weaker sections and the differently-abled, by giving them knowledge, mindset, equal opportunity, respect and dignity.
  • The NGO (non-governmental organization) with acronym ‘ISHWAR’ (Inclusion and Social Harmony with Attitude Reconstruction, was created to highlight social inclusion)

#12 – Savita Gupta, Founder of Reincarnation Association

  • Mrs. Savita Gupta is the Founder & Chairman of NGO “Reincarnation Association” and has more than 20 years of experience in managing projects in the social sector with particular emphasis on education, public health welfare programs, environmental awareness, safe drinking water, sanitation, skills development and women empowerment.

  • She is a self-made social entrepreneur and committed professional in Delhi/NCR, India.


#11 – Prashant Pal, Founder of Pure India Trust

  • PURE India Trust is started by corporate professionals in March 2013, with a mission to provide quality Education & Employment opportunities to under-served communities of rural & urban slums.
  • Started in April, 2013, with a vision to create an environment which will inspire youth to become entrepreneurs and acquire skills to be employed, our flagship program, My village My Business has transformed many housewives into successful women entrepreneurs.

# 10 – Sijo Mathai Mukulel, Founder of Social Vision

  • Mr. Sijo Mathai Mukulel is the Director of Social Vision Educational and Charitable Society.
  • Social Vision is a Registered Social Development Organization (SDG) “committed for social change”.
  • Here is a platform where social visionaries come together and give hands and hearts together for social transformation.
  • Social Vision Charity Home is an effort to raise the underprivileged sections of the society by giving priority to the women and children.

#9 – Prerna Jain, Executive Director of  SK Children Foundation

  • Ms. Prerna Jain ​ is Executive Director of SK Children Foundation.
  • SK Childern Foundation (SKCF) was founded in 2016 by Raghav Sharma, when he came across a bunch of kids at an ice-cream stall.
  • When the kids asked him to buy them ice-creams, he put forward a condition. He demanded them to recite English alphabets in exchange for the treat.

#8 – Sudhanshu S Singh, Founder of HAI

  • Sudhanshu S Singh is the Founder & CEO of Humanitarian Aid International (HAI).
  • HAI has been founded by a team of Indian humanitarian and development professionals with a collective national and global experience of over 300 years.
  • While as of now, HAI’s activities are exclusively confined to India, it strives to expand its work outside India, too, particularly to complement our government’s bilateral support to developing and least developed countries on poverty alleviation and humanitarian programmes.

#7 – Mrs. Ratna, Founder of Shakuntala Poddar Welfare Foundation.

  • Mrs. Ratna is the Founder & Trustee of Shakuntala Poddar Welfare Foundation.
  • Shakuntala Poddar Welfare Foundation (SPWF) is a non-governmental organisation, working towards child upliftment and women empowerment.
  • It provides quality education and nutrition to underprivileged children and generates employment for women.
  • It began in January 2018 with the belief of building a better future for society.

#6 – Dr. Bharat Bhushan, General Secretary of Muskan Foundation.

  • Dr. Bharat Bhushan is the General Secretary of Muskan Foundation.
  • Muskan Foundation is a non-government, non-profit registered organization, extensively working in the field of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependents and alcoholics, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facility for people living with HIV/AIDS, IEC and BCC campaign for drug abuse prevention and VCTC.

#5 – Nishat Hashmi, Founder of Blessings NGO.

  • Nishat Hashmi is the Founder of Blessings NGO.
  • BLESSINGS believe that all human beings are equal and have the right to have good health and proper education ·

EPISODE 4 – Mr. Deepak Bhola, Co-Founder of Blind Welfare Society

  • Deepak Bhola is the Co-founder of Blind Welfare Society. Blind Welfare Society is a registered non-government voluntary Organization. 
  • It was founded to undertake various projects in the field of Education, Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation for the people with visual challenges. 
  • Since inception, Blind Welfare Society meaningful initiatives have bagged various accolades in its shelf.

EPISODE 3 – Ms. Smiti Gahrotra, Head of Programmes at Sambandh Health Foundation

  • Sambandh is a not-for-profit organization based out of Gurugram, India that works in the domain of public health, specifically mental health and tobacco control. 
  • Sambandh believes that health consists of two main aspects – physical and mental health; which we attempt to ensure that the people not only understand but also have access to information and services that would benefit them.
EPISODE 2 - Mr. G.K. Bhatnagar, Founder & President of Sudha Society
  • Dedicated to the cause of social justice and upliftment of the under privileged sections of society, SUDHA is committed to the development of the community through its work in education, health, livelihoods, environmental conservation, and women empowerment.
  • Sh.Gopal Krishana Bhatnagar has been awarded “Shinning World compassion Award” by The supreme Master Ching Hay International Association in November 2019.
EPISODE 1 – Mr. JD Khurana, Founder of Guru Nanak Sewa Sansthan
  • Since its inception in 2005, Guru Nanak Sewa Sansthan has made meticulous efforts towards fulfilling its mission to provide quality formal education to the underprivileged children in the country free of cost.
  • With the belief that knowledge and education can empower young minds by productively engaging them, Guru Nanak Sewa Sansthan helps them find a purposeful path and identifying their personal goals and ambitions today to walk on the path of nation building tomorrow.