NGOs in Delhi advocating for human rights

Changing lives and bringing sunshine into one’s life has never been easy. Working for a better future takes time but can be achieved at full tilt by raising awareness and helping the government with policy making by arranging programs, educating youths, and protests.

NPOs play a crucial role in the development of the country. Where-It becomes very difficult for govt to know everything on ground and help people in need. 

Some NPO works exactly for that!

Several NPOs raises their voice for better policy to impact a large number of people. They work as a mediator between people and the government.

 Here are some of the NPOs in Delhi NCR who enter the field to raise awareness, help the government formulate policy, create and execute schemes where govt is non-existent.

YIF(youth India foundation)-

YIF is a non-profitable organization based in Delhi. YIF highly believes in youth power and is consistently working to empower youth and support them to stand in local elections.

They are committed to resolving severe holes in government policies.

To have a greater impact they voice to increase youth representation in parliament. Their various programs help youth to get elected and represent India.


India development foundation (IDF)-

A non-profit organization based in Delhi working with a mission to call the people in power to bring change and required sustainable development for a bright future.

They are committed to areas like fostering an innovative economy, using technology for developmental initiatives, enhancing India’s human capital, and working with the government to bring the change. 

The organization conducts research and advocates for policy development. To achieve their objective, they have worked closely with several organizations.


Contact number- 0124-4381691


Delhi-based NGO established in 1982. Today, the organization leads a massive revolution defending human rights and justice.

They had worked with more than 3000 NGOs to execute government schemes on the ground.

PRIA thrives to empower ‘‘participation as empowerment”- by raising voice, spreading awareness, and participating in policy-making makes it one step closer to the world values of equity, justice, freedom, peace, and solidarity.


Contact number- +91-011-29960931/32/33

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