6 NPO in Delhi NCR working to excel education system

Education is a fundamental human right. Yet stats are a grieving concern. 30% of India’s population doesn’t have access to education. Educations are a weapon against poverty and a ray of hope to fill color in one’s life.

Many organizations are working for a world without uneducated children. Here, are 5 NPOs working to excel education system.   

          1. Central Square Foundation

Works with nonprofit organizations and the government to implement innovative solutions in the school system to enhance learning outcomes, with a special focus on basic learning.

The emphasis is on four critical areas: educator capacity building, systemic governance change through rigorous evaluations, vocational and life skills training, and the use of technology to transmit education to students and trainers alike.

It intends to accomplish its objective through research, grant-making, and advocacy.

Advocacy actions aim to develop and execute structurally sound policies that will result in fundamental reforms to the Indian education system.

Web- https://www.centralsquarefoundation.org/

Contact number- +91 11 40039300

       2. Inspired by dreams

 Inspired by dreams is a non-profit organization based in Delhi NCR working on various dreams. One of them is providing education to children. 

Works to remove social and economic barriers to education by offering access to quality education to underprivileged children in India. 

To fulfill its goals, it runs a number of programs throughout India. Their programs include skill training, arts, and apprentices programs. They aim to break barriers that separate urban and rural education systems for a better future.

To achieve their lofty objective inspired by dreams is going beyond limits to break stereotypes and achieve great results every day.

Web- https://inspiredbydreams.org/

Contact number- 8929089285

      3. Pratham Education Foundation

Performs and supports a variety of activities in the school system to enhance learning results, as well as other projects in skill development, research, and child rights.

Works to eliminate illiteracy and improve society through increasing educational learning results, guaranteeing child retention in schools, teacher training, creating novel educational techniques, and training and mobilizing volunteers.

Urban programs aim to reduce school dropout rates and raise learning levels among those living in urban slums. Rural programs in rural areas focus on the development of reading, writing, and arithmetic abilities in children aged 6 to 14 years.

Web- https://www.pratham.org/

      4. Avanti Fellows

Supports poor students with tutoring for competitive examinations, mentorship, and financial aid through their high school and college studies

It works with the purpose of offering low-cost, quality education to disadvantaged students wanting to study at India’s best institutions by establishing and evaluating programs, initiatives, curriculum, and mentorship methods that boost learning and financial results.

Avanti Fellows are paired with Avanti Mentors (graduates from IIT, NIT, and other premier universities who have been trained through teaching methodology workshops) who provide English language training and materials for competitive exams from partner institutes to the selected fellows after being selected through an aptitude test and a personal interview round to evaluate the merit and financial background.

Web- https://www.avantifellows.org/

      5. Million Sparks Foundation

Improving educational quality and accessibility with open access learning tools and platforms

Works to close the gap between the demand for and supply of suitably educated and certified teachers. To address the issue of instructors’ lack of conceptual clarity, offers Chalklit, a technology-based learning solution for teachers. The learning material is built on open source sharing and gives tactical inputs for class preparation, conceptual and pedagogical training, worldwide teaching practices updates, training on teaching style, and advice for recalling past information.

Web- https://millionsparks.org/


     6. Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

Develops programs with a wide range of social effects, including healthcare, education, and financial inclusion.

The education initiative is carried out through Aga Khan Academies (AKA), Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), all of which are AKDN institutions involved in education. The emphasis is on delivering quality education to poor kids through its own educational institutions and by assisting public and private schools in enhancing educational quality. It has developed 80 more schools and educational institutions since the establishment of the first Aga Khan school in 1905.

Web- https://www.akdn.org/

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