My journey from Mechanical Engineer to MONK @ambreeshdaas | #motivation | @inspiredbydreams | 37

Born in 1990, in Lucknow, then Amit Kumar Singh, now Ambreesh Daas is an Indian monk, religious teacher, philosopher, motivational speaker and former Mechanical engineer. He always thought that he did not belong to the place where he was born. While studying mechanical engineering, he managed to study numerous Indian scriptures to make his belief in God strong. He moved to Poland for his job. After spending a few years there, he left everything in 2015, came to Vrindavan and got his initiation in Gaudiya Sampradaya. He,then, started his journey on ascetic life. Initially, he resided in Goverdhan for a month,then Barsana for a few years where he lived with other monks and realised the importance of Sadhu Sang and finally, settled in Vrindavan. He was always inclined towards spirituality, he read Vaishnava texts such as the Bhagavad-gita, Ramcharitmanas, and Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita when he was in Grade Sixth. Fluent in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and BrajBhasha, he has delivered lectures in different schools and universities in different parts of India – Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi to name a few. 

Do watch this inspiring conversation conducted by @inspiredbydreams with him, where she shares her inspirational story.

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